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The car offers contemporary styling, power, comfort, entertainment and enhanced safety features, the New Jeep® Renegade Sport is a genuine all-rounder. Must-have standard features include cruise control, lane departure warning-plus and the UconnectTM 5.0” Radio and Bluetooth® handsfree control. CFAD - Compact SUV Automatic Diesel car   BOOK NOW Aavilable in Faro & Lisbon Airport read more
Book your car now and enjoy 20% OFF for all reservation made until the 27.11.2020 and rentals till 31.12.2021. Do not lose the opportunitty to rent your next car rental.  Cancellations made using this offer can not be re-used. read more
Cargo Van Rentals now available!     man-with-a-van.jpg   Problems with freight transport? We have a solution. Moving house, carrying objects (beds, sofas, etc.), furniture purchases, here is the car that allows you to safely carry what you need with all safety. View our groups or categories N1 and N2   Messures peugeot-boxer-medidas-peq.jpg read more
Promotions are always very welcome, especially with the announce of the executive car group P and P1 re-open with brand new cars. Find here the opportunity to be one of the first car drivers of one Opel Insignia Sedan (Group P) or Opel Insignia Sport Tourer (Group P1) now with 20% discount for bookings until the 16.04.2017 for rental until the 31.05.2017   opel_insigna_google.jpg   Promotional Code newpremium read more
SIPP codes (Standard Interline Passenger Procedure) are a standard in the Car Rental industry so customers can easily compare different models of vehicles. To have a visual idea, the booked category comes with an example of a brand/model, but it's not guaranteed the same model is going to be provided upon delivery. What we guarantee is to provide a similar type of vehicle. Once the example images may be misleading due to zoom and angle, and there are thousands of models worldwide without correspondence in different Countries, there's the need to uniform procedures so customers know exactly... read more
Dear Visitor we are glad to present the real estate portofolio of properties in the Algarve: English Version - Algarve Real Estate German Version - Immobilien Broschüre Deutsh Version - Uw favoriete vacantiebestemming By Beirra Serra, Group Amoita. read more
The introduction of electronic tolls (no pay booths) on the A22 Algarve Motorway, and other similar motorways in the north of Portugal has caused chaos, especially with visitors. Most people tell us they don't mind the tolls, but object to the method of payment, especially for foreign registered cars. The problem is quite simply that these roads were not built as toll roads, so they have no space to build toll booths and as a result, the system has to be fully automatic. So far we did not have the transporter, our clientes have the responsability to pay the tolls at the Post Office or Pay... read more
ON ELECTRONIC ONLY MOTORWAYS (electronic detection of plate number):   The Algarve's main motorway, the A22 and some Portuguese motorways with electronic payment, operate an unmanned toll system. A toll transponder device is available upon collection for an additional charge of 20 EUR, payable locally. This includes 15 EUR worth of pre-loaded credit and enables clients to use the toll road without having to visit local pay stations/post offices. An option to add more credit to the transponder is available upon collection or during the rental. Any remaining credit on the transponder cannot be... read more
The year is starting, taxes are raising up, but our car rental prices in Portugal are still the same, low as ever, so cheaper for you. Rent one of our cars in 2011 and pay 2010 rental price. Pay attention to publications on our Special Promotions. We guarantee you won't be disappointed. Best hire cars in the Algarve for an unbeatable price. Rent a Car in Lisbon with a fast and friendly service at very cheap prices. Try us! Ask for a quote at read more
Don't loose this opportunity to travel to Portugal and Rent a Car with one of the most reliable car rental Companies in the Country. Run away from the cold snowy weather and enjoy Portugal with a recent rental vehicle at very cheap prices. Give your Family a different Xmas. Rent a Car at! read more
82,32% of the fleet at is under CO2 pollution levels of 130g/km. Amoita cares for the environment, so soon almost 100% of the fleet will be "Eco". We are even replacing the larger People Carriers and 9 Seater Mini-buses fow low emissions larger vehicles. Rent "Eco", rent a read more
Book online at or ask for a quote sending an email to! We have special hot deals for long term car rentals... A wide variety of cars, from economy to full size, diesel to petrol, manual to automatic gearbox. Check our "Fleet Guide" or call (+351) 289843137... read more
03-08-2010 is proud to be one of the most reliable Car Rental Companies in Portugal. We try harder to fulfill all Clients needs and are known for never letting a Client down without the booked vehicle. Next time book at We HONOR all reservations! read more
We've placed the order and it's almost arriving... Fiat Doblo Paronama 1.3 Multijet with 7 seats (5+2). These cars are designed for Golf, Surf and Families. You can easily fit in 5 passengers plus 5 golf clubs, or 5 adults and 2 children on the far back seats. Very economical, plus environment friendly (just 129g/L CO2). Test it at read more
Did you know that from 2008 to 2009 the fleet for tourism rental cars available in Portugal dropped by 20% from 50.000 cars to 40.000. This was matched by a similar drop of 20% in clients looking to rent cars but only outside of the peak months! The drop off in clients during the months of July and  August was just less 3% (Portuguese Tourism Board numbers), which meant there was a shortfall of 9.700 cars during this period, equating to a total of around 30.000 rentals requests which were unable to be fulfilled. With further reductions in the number of cars held by the various rental... read more
Easter prices at "Amoita". Value for the Money,.. from: Economy 3 doors at 140€ per week Economy 5 doors at 183€ per week Family Compact cars at 235€ per week Estate cars at 285€ per week 7 seaters people-carriers at 525€ per week 9 seaters mini-buses at 525€ per week Fill the "Book Now / Get a Quote" online form and we'll reply with a confirmation email with discount included. All cars with air-conditioning The 1st class service you deserve New, well cleaned and in perfect conditions vehicles Wide range of vehicles,.. lots of 7/9 seaters and automatic gearbox cars Try us, ask your quote at... read more
In order to serve you faster and better we'll be the closest Car Hire Company from Faro International Airport.         read more