Cargo Van Rentals now available!   Problems with freight transport? We have a solution.Moving house, carrying objects (beds, sofas, etc.), furniture purchases, here is the car that allows you to safely carry what you need with all safety.View our groups or categories N1 and N2 Messures[[{"type":"media","view_mode":"media_original","fid":"2877","attributes":{"alt":"","class":"media-image","height":"215","typeof":"foaf:Image","width":"350"}}]]
Promotions are always very welcome, especially with the announce of the executive car group P and P1 re-open with brand new cars.Find here the opportunity to be one of the first car drivers of one Opel Insignia Sedan (Group P) or Opel Insignia Sport Tourer (Group P1) now with 20% discount for bookings until the 16.04.2017 for rental until the 31.05.2017  Promotional Codenewpremium
The Roaming fees can be very high, especially in data plans. With our portuguese mobile 4G WiIFi hotspot, the cost is fixed.For 4€ a day with a maximum per rental and per month of 40€ you will be able to have internet with you everywhere on your vacations. until 100Mbp/s with unlimited traffic and share with 10 devices. This extra can be booked online or requested upon car collection!  The 4G WiFi Hotspot is provided wih a USB cable charger, the baterry autonomy in use goes up to 6 hours. Unique password in all hotspots, with WPA2 security protocol and Wifi 802.11b/g/n communiction. The Device [[{"type":"media","view_mode":"media_original","fid":"2838","attributes":{"alt":"","class":"media-image","height":"362","typeof":"foaf:Image","width":"347"}}]]  We make it easy for our clients to be connected and communicate with friends and family.  
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If you paid 20€ toll deposit and you mention intention to be refund upon car pick up your refun will be proceeded between 7 to 10 days after car return.

All toll deposits must be done by card


There are 2 different toll system, one is fully automatic without any option to pay locally and another with gates or barriers where you are able to stop take a ticket and pay at the end, where you want to exit.

Our system only work for automatic toll road, used in the A22 / A23 / A28 / A25 / A29, where is not possible to pay locally.

All our cars are provided with a toll device in the windscreen with 15€ credit to use in your rental, we charge 5€ for administrative fee, reason why you pay 20€

In case you exceed the 15€ credit, we will charge on the credit card, supplied for security propose, multiples of 5€


Total amount used: 18,25 = 20€ (round to the next 5€ multiple) - 15€ (credit you start) = 5€ extra charge

Our office is situated 400m from car park 4 in Faro Airport in Masterent Office Park

Please see all indication:

Amoita Office Park

We don’t charge fuel on arrival. Whatever fuel level is in the car when you collect it is the same level you must return, if you collect it with a full tank you must return it with a full tank, if is just 1/4 tank you must return it with a 1/4 tank. If you forget to return the car with the same amount of we will charge you the missing fuel.


We concentrate our efforts on each individual client's satisfaction providing the 1st class service they deserve.
We offer a fast, friendly, professional yet informal service and round the clock support.
Please feel free to call direct at any time. You can also book calling our office or sending an email to me or to our reservations email at

Did you know that from 2008 to 2009 the fleet for tourism rental cars available in Portugal dropped by 20% from 50.000 cars to 40.000. This was matched by a similar drop of 20% in clients looking to rent cars but only outside of the peak months! With further reductions in the number of cars held by the various rental companies the situation is expected to be even worse in 2010. Amoita is proud to be one of the very few Car rental Companies not letting down costumers in this last complicated summer.

In case of an accident you should contact immediately the police and us. Either and accident or a car malfuntion we have a 24 hours service phone which you can contact at anytime. We'll replace the vehicle immediately and you'll be able to continue your holidays without worries.

We deliver and return cars in all Algarve territory and in Lisbon, Oporto and Faro Cities and Airports.

Dear Sir, we'll be waiting for you with the rental agreement already filled and the car ready in the car park. Why it would take long? If you fill the "fast track" form when submitting the reservation you'll just have to sign the rental agreement, check the car and drive, which means not more than 5 minutes since you pass the customs and you’ll be ready to go and enjoy your stay...

We may not be the cheapest, but as good as you can get for a reasonable price. Fast, friendly and very professional, and the cars are in perfect conditions... We manage well the balance between "value for the money"! It's all about the 1st class service we provide (24/7 assistence and reliable cars).

We rent all type of cars for passangers vehicles and cargo vans. From 4 passangers up to 9 we have all type of cars. We also rent automatic gearbox cars and people carriers. Please check out "Fleet Guide" clicking on the top menu inbound-link.

When you rent with us you have included a Liability Insurance and a CDW. So there is no need for an additional insurance. In case you want to eliminate the deductilbe (excess amount) you can purchase the additional Super CDW.

All prices published in this site are in Euros. We also accept English Pounds, US Dollars and Canadian Dollars. We'll apply the daily Exchange rates to convert Euros in Pounds or in Dollars.

You can drive our cars in Spain, but you need first to purchase the Green Car for Spain.

It is possible but the cost for dropping the vehicle in a different location so far may be very expensive (500Km). If the rental period is long we can work our a special price for the drop off fee. There is a fixed fee of 150,00 Euros for one ways between the Algarve and Oporto and Vice Versa.

Yes, all the vehicles we rent have air conditioning as standard.

Since September 2006 all the cars we rent have airconditioning.

One way rental between Lisbon and the Algarve and vice versa will have applied 100€ fee only if the rental period is less than 7 days.

Cars are allowed to go to Spain but there is and additional insurance (Green Card for Spain) to be purchased. This additional insurance activates the travel assistence outside Portugal. All vehicles are suplied with CDW insurance. The Client can purchase the additional Super CDW to eliminate the deduclible (deduce it to Zero). This eliminates the renter responsability for breakdowns and damages. Tires, lost keys, fuel mistakes, clutch and steering wheel box not included.