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SIPP or ACRISS codes

SIPP codes (Standard Interline Passenger Procedure) are a standard in the Car Rental industry so customers can easily compare different models of vehicles.

To have a visual idea, the booked category comes with an example of a brand/model, but it's not guaranteed the same model is going to be provided upon delivery. What we guarantee is to provide a similar type of vehicle. Once the example images may be misleading due to zoom and angle, and there are thousands of models worldwide without correspondence in different Countries, there's the need to uniform procedures so customers know exactly what they're booking.

Consult the following list to build a 4 letters code that suits your rental needs, vehicle size, number of doors, gearbox transmission and drive, fuel type and air conditioning.

1st position
(Vehicle Size)

2nd position
(Number of doors)

3rd position

4th position
(Fuel/Air Conditioning)

M = Mini

B = 2/3 door

M = Manual drive

N = Unspecified fuel, no A/C

N = Mini Elite

C = 2/4 door

N = Manual, 4WD

R = Unspecified fuel, A/C

E = Economy

D = 4/5 door

C = Manual, AWD

D = Diesel, A/C

H = Economy Elite

W = Wagon/Estate

A = Auto drive

Q = Diesel, no A/C

C = Compact

V = Passenger Van

B = Auto, 4WD

H = Hybrid, A/C

D = Compact Elite

L = Limousine

D = Auto, AWD

I = Hybrid, no A/C

I = Intermediate

S = Sport


E = Electric, A/C

J = Intermediate Elite

T = Convertable


C = Electric, no A/C

S = Standard



L = LPG/Gas, A/C

R = Standard Elite

J = Open Air All Terrain


S = LPG/Gas, no A/C

F = Fullsize

X = Special


A = Hydrogen, A/C

G = Fullsize Elite

P = Pickup Regular Cab


B = Hydrogen, no A/C

P = Premium

Q = Pickup Extended Cab


M = Multi fuel, A/C

U = Premium Elite

Z = Special Offer Car


F = Multi fuel, no A/C

L = Luxury

E = Coupe


V = Petrol, A/C

W = Luxury Elite

M = Monospace


Z = Petrol, no A/C

O = Oversize

R = Recreational


U = Ethanol, A/C

X = Special

H = Motor Home


X = Ethanol, no A/C


Y = 2-Wheel Vehicle




N = Roadster




G = Crossover




K = Commercial Van/Truck