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SCDW - Super Collision Damage Waiver

SCDW - Super Collision Damage Waiver

Complementary coverage SUPER C.D.W.: (damage to the vehicle and total or partial theft of the same, with exemption of deductible): the DRIVER, when subscribing to this insurance, will not have to pay any deductible in the event that, as a result of its use, the vehicle suffers own damage or is stolen in whole or in any of its components. The value of towing the vehicle is not included in this coverage in cases where the DRIVER is negligent or at fault. For this coverage to be activated, the DRIVER must present a DAAA - Friendly Declaration of Automobile Accident - and in it indicate and identify the third party responsible for the damage caused to the vehicle, if any, as well as the Notice of Occurrence issued by the police authorities that took the accident ; in case of theft or robbery, you must present documentary proof of the theft or robbery complaint made to the police authority in the area where it occurred, as well as return the vehicle keys to the RENTER, under penalty of this coverage having no effect. This coverage does not cover the value of the damage or the vehicle, in the event of theft, in the event that this occurs under the influence of alcohol or narcotics, in excess of speed, due to the DRIVER's negligence or because this occurs outside the normal use of the vehicle.

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