Para principios de marzo, los Aeropuertos Vinci, concesionaria francesa de los aeropuertos de Portugal requiere ahora una tarifa para el uso de sus parques por parte de las Rent-a-Car. En consecuencia, Amoita Rent-a-Car se ve obligada a cobrar el uso de los servicios aeroportuarios a los clientes con un valor de 15,00 euros por alquiler. perdonenos las molestias causadas por los Aeropuertos Estatales y Vinci que son extraños y somos obligados a cumplir. Nuestros recepcionistas estarán esperando fuera de la terminal en el Tour Rent-a-Car en el aparcamiento P4. Por otra parte, para evitar el pago del Tarifa de servicio del aeropuerto, Amoita proporciona la entrega / recogida en el aeropuerto en nuestra oficina local (230m de distancia). Nuestros recepcionistas estarán esperando fuera de la terminal en el Tour Rent-a-Car en el aparcamiento P4. Siguiente será acompañado a nuestra oficina a 230 metros de distancia del parque P4.    Sff saber si: Opción 1: está dispuesto a pagar 15,00 euros aeropuerto Servicio de alquiler de coches y recibir su vehículo en el aparcamiento P4 Opción 2: quiere ser acompañado personalmente parque P4 a nuestra oficina la distancia de 230m.
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Amoita Car Hire is a national car hire Company from Portugal, with yearly renewable fleet of over 400 cars, which began operations on April 1st, 1988.

Whether it's and economy compact or a luxurious saloon, we have a car for rent that's just right for you.

Our qualified and trained staff are always on hand to provide that "First Class" service that you would expect from a "First Class Company".

With us you’ll expect a warm and friendly welcome in Faro, Oporto and Lisbon Airports and that’s what you get. What better than a Smiley service with magnificent cars in wonderful conditions and rental prices?

Just before you rush off to check out our low rates (which are the best on the Internet) please take notice of what makes us the Better Car Hire Deal in Portugal.

Our Company policy is not focussed in easy profit. We prefer to fully satisfy our Clients so they come back and use us over and over again.

We concentrate our efforts on each individual client’s satisfaction, offering a fast, professional yet informal service.

No weird hidden extras will surprise you on arrival. Our quote is our price.

We're not a car hire Broker. We own our fleet, which means there are no intermediary agents or brokers, so the commission is transformed into discounts directly to our Clients.

We supply a high standard quality service. The vehicles are new and kept in good conditions. You won’t expect less than the best.

All clients are met in the arrivals hallway at Faro, Oporto and Lisbon Airports by professional and friendly Representatives.Then are escorted to their car in the airport car park. There is no time wasting courtesy coach trip to an off airport car park saving at least 30 minutes on average car hire collection over our competitors.

Each client is guided through the car rental formalities and then shown how their particular car operates. We also provide each client with written information about the rules of the road in Portugal, in particular things to do and things not to do whilst driving in Portugal.

Our company operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and we can always guarantee to provide the type of car the client wants from our range. As well as providing cars at Faro, Oporto and Lisbon airports we can also deliver and pickup cars from hotels, villas and apartments anywhere in the Algarve and the Cities of Faro, Lisbon and Oporto.

Clients are provided with a 24-hour service telephone number guaranteeing round the clock support no matter what the problem.

We make the difference by providing the quality, price and service you deserve.